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Pre paid cards


What is it?

A pre-paid card is just like a debit card from your bank. You can use it to pay for services that meet your needs and outcomes, as agreed in your support plan.

How does it work?

  • Payments are made straight onto the card by the council
  • You can use the card to pay for services by 'chip and pin', standing order, direct debit or bank transfer, by telephone or the Internet
  • You can use the card to make either one-off or regular payments
  • You will only be able to make purchases when there are sufficient funds on the card
  • You cannot withdraw cash from the card, or use it to get cash back
  • Your card will be set up for you by PFS (Pre-paid financial services) on behalf of the council
  • You can view all your spend activity online and this information is retained and available to print at your convenience


  • No need to open a separate bank account
  • Payments can be made via chip and pin, online, telephone or bank transfer
  • Better control over the budget as money is taken straight from the card (like an Oyster card)
  • No need to submit bank statements and regular financial monitoring records


All new direct payments service users, nominees, or third parties who manage the service user’s direct payments on their behalf, will receive their payments via the pre paid card.

From April 2015 all direct payments users will be using the pre paid card.

Service users who are eligible for Continuing Care Funding can also choose to receive their personal health budget via a direct payment.

Further information

If you already have a pre paid card, you can download the user guide here.

For more information you can contact the Direct Payments Team at Hillingdon Tel: 01895 556694 or Email: DirectPaymentsTeam@Hillingdon.gov.uk

Last reviewed: 14/03/2016

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