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Direct Payment Support Services

Direct Payment Support Service

Guidance for service users on the use of the Approved Personal Budget Support Services List

To help service users find the Direct Payment/Personal Budget advice and support they need, the London Borough of Hillingdon has set up a list of approved providers. The providers on the list have demonstrated that they provide services in one or more of the following areas:

1. Employ a named personal assistant - A service to assist in the necessary arrangements to formally set up a PA up to and including the completion of a probationary period. Normally for situations where the individual has found their own PA.

2. Advertise and recruit a personal assistant - A service to assist in finding/matching PA and individual this would include DBS checks etc and setting up all employment requirements.

3. Ongoing support to employ a personal assistant - e.g. information and advice on employment matters - To assist with the day to day circumstances of employment from appraisal to performance concerns, annual leave, terms and conditions queries.

4. Payroll Service - Provision of a full payroll service for an individual directly employing a PA to include all PAYE, P60, IR submissions etc.

5. Managed Account (using LBH prepaid card) - Where an individual wants the flexibility of a Direct Payment and does not wish to use council commissioned services but does not wish to manage the account and liaise with providers themselves, under the direction of the individual this service will organise and arrange all of their care and ensure the record keeping meeting the local authorities requirements.

Approved Provider List

The approved providers on this list have demonstrated to the Council that they have the capability to meet minimum standards for Direct Payments advice and support services. The Council will investigate complaints where a provider does not appear to meet these minimum standards and may remove the provider from the approved list where these complaints are upheld.

The list includes details of the accredited providers including:

  • name, address, telephone, email and website;
  • a brief description; and
  • the services they are accredited for including their charges.

Note: not all providers are accredited for all services.

The Approved Providers and the services they offer are as follows:

Provider Name

Services they offer
  • Community Life Choices
  • Payroll Service
  • Managed Account

Disabled Association Hillingdon (DASH)

  • Employ a named personal assistant
  • Ongoing support to employ a personal assistant
  • Managed Account
  • DD Payroll Services
  • Payroll Service
  • Managed Account
  • Knowsley Disability Concern
  • Payroll Service
  • Managed Account
  • National Payroll Services (NPS)
  • Payroll Service
  • Nuway Support Services Ltd
  • Advertise and recruit a personal assistant
  • PayPacket Ltd
  • Payroll Service
  • Managed Account
  • Pay Partners Ltd
  • Payroll Service
  • Managed Account
  • The Rowan Organisation
  • Employ a named personal assistant
  • Advertise and recruit a personal assistant
  • Ongoing support to employ a personal assistant
  • Payroll Service
  • Managed Account

Links to the Approved Providers stores in the e-marketplace will follow soon, with full details of the services they provide and the costs.

In the meantime, you can view the Approved Provider list here.

Accessing support

How do I access support from one of the Approved Provider List?

If you are new to Direct Payments, your social worker will discuss how a Direct Payments works with you and agree the support you will need to manage your Direct Payment. The services you need will be included in your support plan and we will arrange for the relevant amount of money to be on your prepaid card so that you can pay for the services you need.

You will need to contact the providers and make arrangements with them to provide the services you need. The contract for these services will be between you and the provider. They will invoice you for the services provided and you will need to pay for the services with your prepaid card and submit copies of the invoices to the council, to show what services you have paid for.

For more information on this, please visit our Direct Payments information page

If your situation changes and you feel that you need more or less support to manage your Direct Payment, you will need to contact the Direct Payments team to discuss this so they can make sure you have the relevant funds available on your prepaid card to pay for services needed.

If you are given funds for services and you don't need them or use them, the council will reclaim any excess funds when your Direct Payment is reviewed.

The Direct Payments team can be contacted as follows:

Telephone: 01895 277680 or 01895 250296.

Email: DirectPaymentsTeam@hillingdon.gov.uk

Last reviewed: 14/06/2017

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