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Falls prevention


Anyone can have a fall, but older people are more vulnerable than others. This is mainly because long-term health conditions increase the chances of a fall.

Falls are a common but often overlooked cause of injury, and sometimes death. Around one in three adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls.

Most falls do not result in serious injury, but there is a risk of problems such as broken bones.

Falls can also have an adverse psychological impact on elderly people. For example, after having a fall some people can lose confidence, become withdrawn and may feel as if they have lost their independence.

There are a number of ways you can reduce your chances of having a fall, including making simple changes to your home. NHS Choices has a useful guide to falls prevention.

Some falls may be caused by side effects of medication, if this is something you are concerned about visit your local pharmacist and ask for a Medicines Use Review. This might identify the problem and your medication could then be adjusted. Read how to find your local pharmacist.

Available support

Hillingdon falls and falls prevention services

There are a range of specific falls prevention services in Hillingdon, including:

  • Physiotherapist- led Falls Classes, covering aspects of safety, falls prevention and self maintenance for those who have had a fall or are at risk of falling.
  • The Falls Assisted Discharge service for patients on discharge from Hillingdon Hospital.
  • The Age UK Hillingdon Falls Prevention service, which identifies and provides interventions for people at risk of falling due to issues such as hazards in their home, alcohol dependence, foot problems, side effects of medication or as a result of a long term condition. For more information contact Age UK directly.

Your GP will be able to tell you if you are suitable for referral to the Falls Classes, or the Hospital Discharge Team for the Falls Assisted Discharge service.

Other services

There are a range of social care services that may help with recovering from a fall or preventing further falls, in the first instance contact Hillingdon Social Care Direct if you think they would benefit you.

Reablement - a short term service to help individuals regain their independence at home

Telecareline - a monitoring and alert system to ensure you get help quickly when required

Equipment to assist with daily living - you might benefit from some equipment to make daily living activities easier

Adaptations - you might need to make some changes to your home environment to make it safer for you to move around

Last reviewed: 19/06/2018

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