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Supported living arrangements


If you are having difficulties managing on your own at home you may wish to consider alternative accommodation. There are a number of alternatives to consider where you can retain your independence with easy access to additional support. The following pages provide an overview of the options available with links if you are looking for more information.

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is mainly for residents over the age of 60 years and usually comprises of a group of small houses or flats with the availability of a warden, who can give you some help and support in an emergency. Sheltered housing provides an easy-to-manage home and continued independence, plus the benefit of on-hand support and the company of others.
For more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Extra care

Extra care housing may be the right option for you if your needs can't be met in sheltered housing want the privacy and independence of living in your own home, and the security of having care staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It suits people with a range of care needs - from low to high - and you will be supported by an individually tailored care package. Extra care flats are fully self-contained (including their own kitchen, bathroom and front door); they also provide access to shared facilities including communal dining areas and social activities.
Read more about extra care housing.

Shared lives

Hillingdon Shared Lives is an adult placement scheme that provides a person centred service in matching the needs of vulnerable adults with various and or complex needs to Shared Lives carers who offer up their homes for short or long term accommodation and care support.
Find out more about the scheme or becoming a carer.

Supported housing

Supported housing caters for a wide range of client groups with diverse needs who require different levels of support in a range of accommodation models. The purpose of supporting housing is to enable service users to live as independently as possible and become empowered to become socially included in the wider sense of community participation.

Hillingdon has a range of supported housing accommodation tailored to people with learning and psychical disabilities, as well as people with mental health needs. They have 24-hour assistance and support to maintain, develop and maximise independence and recovery.

The benefits of supported housing:

  • enables you to live at home - not in a home
  • you will have your own front door
  • it suits people with a range of care needs, from low to high
  • it offers you a safe and secure home

Supported housing can help service users to:

  • develop independent living skills
  • manage money, pay bills and develop budgeting skills
  • understand and gain access to benefits
  • find and register with a GP and other help services
  • access practical, social and emotional support
  • access treatment services for alcohol, drug or health problems
  • maintain a tenancy
  • stay in touch with family and friends, or develop new social skills
  • develop life skills e.g. learning to cook
  • move on to more independent living

Admission to supported housing is through Adult Social Care Direct on 01895 556633. All admissions are identified by an assessment of care needs undertaken by a social worker from the Care Management Team.

What is available?

Chapel Lane

Church Road

Goshawk Gardens

Hamlet Lodge

Hayes Park Lodge

Herne House

Honeycroft Hill House

Horton Road

Hyde House

Lothian Avenue

Sessile Court

Swan House

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