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Meals service


Hillingdon council is committed to the provision of a quality hot meals on wheels service in the borough. The current service provided by Apetito has a high level of satisfaction amongst its customers and offers high quality, value for money and authentic hot meals to the varied communities living in the borough. The service also includes a preventative welfare check to support people to live independently, healthily and within their own homes within the community for as long as possible.

If you are finding it difficult to prepare and cook at least one hot meal a day you might find it helpful to consider having ready meals or a hot meal delivered to you at home.

Alternatively you may want to get involved in one of the dining centres that offer an opportunity to have a hot meal and meet new people at the same time.

This may be a permanent situation due to a disability or illness or a temporary situation, such as whilst recovering from a stay in hospital.

Getting meals delivered is a service that helps you to carry on living in your own home.


Meals will be delivered to your home unless you have requested delivery to a different location.

Meals will be delivered no earlier than 11.15am and no later than 2.15pm and will be monitored to ensure they are within this time frame.

Meals will be delivered 365 days a year and you will be allocated a 45 minute time slot in which to receive your meal. Priority will be given to customers who need a regular delivery slot due to medical needs.

If you are not at home when the meal is delivered, checks will be done to ensure you are safe and meals will not be left if there is no one at home.

If you are going out, please do let Apetito know, otherwise the delivery agent will worry about your safety and contact your next of kin or neighbour.

The staff

All delivery staff are fully trained to carry out health and welfare checks on residents and where possible, staff will remain consistent to provide continuity of contact with our residents.

All delivery staff have been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, wear a uniform and carry an identification badge. If you are unsure who is at your door, you can ring the Apetito office for verification.

Staff don't just deliver you meals, they are a vital part of the hot meals service. They truly care about all their customers so you can depend on your driver to be a friendly face and a safe dependable pair of hands.

Staff must offer to fetch a glass of water or squash each time they deliver a meal. This can act as a reminder and reduce the risk of dehydration. They will also offer to remove the lid of the meal container, plate the meal, cut up food and fetch eating utensils if required.

Am I eligible?

The service is suitable for:

  • Older people
  • People with dementia
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with mental health issues or substance misuse

Anyone living in the London Borough of Hillingdon who is aged 18 years or over, belongs to at least one of the customer groups above and meets one of the following criteria is eligible:

  • Is struggling to cook for themselves
  • Has just come out of hospital
  • Has a carer or relative who needs a break from cooking
  • Is feeling unwell either physically or mentally
  • Has difficulty shopping

How can I arrange?

You can contact Apetito directly on 01895 250767. They will ask you questions to see if you are eligible for the service. The first delivery will normally be no longer than 4 days after contact unless you request otherwise.

Alternatively, you can complete the online referral form.

Priority will be given to those being discharged from hospital and need the service set up more quickly.

If eligible, you will receive welcome pack which contains and introduction to the service, contact details, the compliments and complaints procedure, details of how the service works and a month's menu to make menu choices.

Cancellation and breaks in service:

If you cancel your meal by 5pm the day before (Monday to Friday) or by 5pm on a Friday to cancel your weekend meal(s), you will not be charged.

You can have meals on the days that suit you. For example, if you eat with your family on Sundays you can arrange not to have a meal delivered on that day.

Customer satisfaction

Hillingdon council wants its residents to be happy with the meals service provided and there will be a customer satisfaction survey every year which looks at meal choice, quality of the meal and the delivery staff. The service will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure it is fit for purpose.

How do I pay for the meals service?

Apetito are responsible for collecting payments for all meals and will provide you with the relevant information.

How much does it cost?

The standard lunchtime meal is £5.25 and the 3 course lunchtime meal is £6.25. The tea time pack is £3.25. Please contact Apetito direct for further information on prices.

Further Information

Example menus for new enquiry pack.

Self referral enquiry letter gives more information about the service.

Other options:

You can choose to pay for other local meal delivery services in Hillingdon if you wish. You can find details of these services in our Marketplace.

Easy to prepare meals and ready meals can be bought from supermarkets or high street shops. You can arrange to have their delivered to your home if you find it hard to get out. Local libraries can help you set up an online shopping account with a local supermarket. Some supermarkets may also offer a telephone ordering service.

There are some dining centres or luncheon clubs in the borough where you can get a hot meal and a chance to socialise and meet friends. You can find details in our community activities and services.

You could choose to make private arrangements for a carer to come in and prepare a meal through a private home care agency. Remember to choose one that is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Details can be found in the Marketplace.

Last reviewed: 17/06/2019

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