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TeleCareLine in Hillingdon

Step 1: What is TeleCareLine?

  • TeleCareLine is a monitoring and alert system that can help support people to live independently in their own homes, by providing users, their carers, family and friends reassurances that help is available in an emergency 24 hours a day.

    How does it work?

    TeleCareLine works through the telephone system, linking alarms, sensors and equipment in your home to an adviser in the control centre - the diagram on the left shows how this works.

    Step 2 helps you think about how this might work in your house and step 3 will tell you how you can get telecare for your home.

  • Click on the red buttons in each room to find out more about the products (click the white cross in the box that appears to return to the page)

    Smoke detector Careline medication reminder Automatic light switches Chair monitor Bed monitor Falls detector Flood detector Smoke detector Heat sensor Ambient temperature monitor Carbon monoxide detectors Flood detector Bogus caller Personal trigger Property exit sensor
  • Hillingdon's TeleCareLine service is free:

    • to residents who are aged 75 and over
    • to residents currently receiving Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax reduction (this does not include single occupancy discount)
    • for up to six weeks, as part of the reablement package

    The service will be available to other residents who are not eligible for a free service. There are 4 levels of service and the weekly cost will vary from £1.13 to £12.00, depending on the level of service required:

    Level 1 - is the standard service comprising of a lifeline unit and pendant, smoke detector and bogus caller alarm, the resident must have 2 named responders who hold a key and agree to respond to an emergency any time (£1.13 per week).

    Level 2 – In addition to Level 1 support this also includes access to a mobile response service for those residents who do not have named responders (£5.00 per week).

    Level 3 – In addition to the Level 1 service, the resident would also have access to a range of additional detectors and/or sensors appropriate to their assessed need (£8.50 per week).

    Level 4 – This level of service would include access to the full range of TeleCareLine sensors and detectors to address needs, including safer wandering equipment and also the Mobile Response Service (£12.00 per week).

    For further information or to request an assessment contact Hillingdon Social Care Direct on 01895 556633 or complete our online form by clicking here and a TeleCareLine Officer will contact you to discuss your application further.

    What to do after TeleCareLine has been installed

    To ensure the equipment is operating appropriately you are advised to test the pendant at least once a month by pressing the button to activate an alert.

    If you have a fault or you no longer need the service please contact Hillingdon Social Care Direct on 01895 556633.

Smoke Detectors

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The smoke detector will alert Central Call should smoke be detected in the service user's home. Central Call will attempt to make contact with the service user to ensure the alert was not triggered due to an incident such as burning toast prior to contacting the fire and rescue service. Particularly useful where mobility or memory support issues might impair the service users ability to take appropriate action.

Careline Medication Remind

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For service users who may benefit from well-being monitoring. The Careline provides additional support in helping to remind service users to take their medication through pre-recorded messages which can be input by informal carers, the message facility can also be used to remind service users of day centre visits, hospital appointments etc.

Automatic light switches

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The light is connected to the bed monitor and placed next to the bed. When the service user gets out of bed, the light will illuminate and automatically switch its self off when the service user returns to bed.

AIM Solution

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The AIM (Active Intelligent Monitoring) Solution. This is uses a bed monitor, a chair sensor and movement sensors to indicate that the service user is moving around the property safely. If there is no movement detected, or if there is no indication that the service user is in either the bed or chair, a call is placed to the monitoring centre to check that the service user is alright.

Bed monitor

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The bed monitor is placed under the mattress and timed parameters are set between normal going to bed at night and getting up in the morning. If the service user gets out of bed during this period and does not return within a set time then an alert is received at the Central Call Monitoring Centre. The service user will be contacted to check on their wellbeing. A device attached to the sensor will also switch on a bedside lamp if required to reduce the risk of falls.

Flood detector

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Provides early warning of potential floods this is very useful when forgetfulness is becoming an issue. It is often placed under the sink in the bathroom and alerts Central Call if it detects flood water.

Heat sensor

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This sensor is normally fitted in the kitchen and will alert the Central Call Monitoring Centre if there is a rapid rise in temperature.

Ambient Temperature Monitor - Preset

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The sensor will alert the Central Call Monitoring Centre if high or low temperatures are detected, typically installed in the Lounge/Living area.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Early indication of Carbon Monoxide, domestic devices are actively encouraged for all packages with the exception of the Memory Support Package, with the device installed in properties that have old heating systems and appliances which may be at risk of emitting Carbon Monoxide, where a persons cognitive impairment may prevent them from reacting in the appropriate manner should they hear the audio alert from a domestic CO Detector.

Bogus Caller Button

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Offering further peace of mind, the button is fixed by the main access door to the property where fear of crime is an issue. If concerned about a caller at the door the service user can simply press the button and the Central Call Monitoring Centre can hear the conversation and take appropriate action.

Property Exit Sensor

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The property exit sensor will alert Central Call if the service user exits their property at an inappropriate time of the day.


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This is the core element of any solution, working in conjunction with a wrist strap or pendant. Used to communicate with the Central Call Monitoring Centre to promote the service users well-being. It plugs in to any telephone landline and is connected to the monitoring centre. For service users who feel vulnerable for example as a result of an accident or due to the fact that they may live alone.

Falls detector

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Automatically raises an alarm call when a fall is detected, even if the individual is unable to press the button.

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